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Reflections of an expat: What I have learned so far.

As a little girl, I was always enamored with the idea of the adventurer, particular amongst them was Indiana Jones. I thought it would be very cool to make new discoveries and bravely wander into the unknown. However, those childhood fantasies were just that, and I went on with life.

Fast forward many years later, here I am at my kitchen table at 4:30 am after a light workout and preparing for the day (as much as I can before the boys wake up). But unlike most days, I feel this pull towards my laptop and the need to share the feelings of uncertainty, fear, excitement, anxiety, elation that has pumped through me this past year, which for some reason all decided to come to the surface this morning on the treadmill…so here we are.

In June of 2020 what started out as a vacation to visit family turned into a life-changing move across the world (thanks COVID). I am not someone new to travel, in fact, I love that I have been to many parts of this beautiful world BUT the abrupt and unplanned nature of this move had me feeling that the ground beneath me was shaking. As I write this, I am now 7,302 miles away from home.

Also, the dynamics of my life have shifted. I am not just me anymore, I am now responsible for 2 little humans. When all this started to become a reality, I had to wonder “can I do this?”. Going from the known and the comfortable to the unknown is SCARY. You are propelled into a new world, and it is hard to feel “ready”.

You realize you have taken things for granted – knowing where to go for things like a tire change, a haircut, or having a family member close by… all things you need to relearn and be okay to live without. And let me tell you, learning new things is fun, but when you must relearn the basics of life and the world around you as an adult, it can be overwhelming.

I am still very fresh on this new journey, so I can’t tell you how it ends but what I will say is that it will work out.

Here are some of the things I can say with certainty that I am grateful for because of this experience:

· I have a newfound empathy for the newbie.

· I can appreciate differences a lot more.

· I am much more open to things shifting.

· I have become (a little) okay with not having all the answers.

· I have decided to embrace everything that comes.

· Above all I will be giving myself a little bit more grace.


Be patient with yourself, be open to the adventurer within you, and stay tuned 😊

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