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In this space

Stop right there.

I may not know you and we probably disagree on a lot, we may have different backgrounds, different experiences, a different set of beliefs but I promise you a few things in this space:

You are enough.

I appreciate you.

I respect our differences.

You don’t need to have it all figured out.

You are growing.

You are better than yesterday.

You are here for a reason.

Your life matters.

Your words count.

So, if you have fallen or have even been on the ground for a while, you can get up now. You have the right to and you have the strength to do it.

I believe in you. Sincerely.

Whatever you’re dealing with, whatever is hurting you, weighing on you or stressing you out, put it down.

You may be thinking about your responsibilities and how “real life” doesn’t work this way, but sometimes we can make a choice. So please, just for today, choose to let it go and let me have it. I promise to hold it for you, in this space.

I know life is serious and we cannot always dream, but just for today – leave what hurts you in this space and have your day, knowing you can come back and start again tomorrow.

Have today just for you and know you are worth it.

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